How Armored Bulletproof Limousines are Different from Other Exotic Vehicles?

The armored bulletproof limousines are ultra-safe executive cars available in limitless colors, however, generally the most popular colors for armored vehicles are simple, like white or black, maybe silver or grey. They are exotic vehicles built with bulletproof glass and armored doors for security reasons. Some of the newest models, including armored Mercedes Benz limos have exclusive full-body protection and underbody armoring features making them superbly enjoyable. In armored bulletproof limousines, the passenger compartment is built in lightweight armors which are resistant to all submachine gun and handgun attacks. These armors can be opaque or transparent, but are used for making passengers feel super safe while traveling in the vehicles. The opaque armor consisting of high performing Spectra Shield materials and other specialized ballistic materials is used in wall linings and flat applications to stop the bullets from penetrating into the vehicle and injuring the passenger.  However, the transparent armor consists of thick layered ballistic glass which is coated with a hard inner spall shield of flexible polycarbonate to make the windows of the vehicle bulletproof. This kind of armored configuration in luxury limousines works best for military, political, and VIP use.

Armored Bulletproof Limousines

There are not many expert companies who build armored bulletproof limousines with optimal safety and luxury features. With the help of our master craftsmen and engineers, they are able to execute an armored solution that would fit and meet the clients demand for a high-class vehicle for safe and comfortable transportation to their ultimate goals. Based on what kind of occasion and how many numbers of people will be served by the armored bulletproof limousine, the service can be contracted with builders for a custom armored vehicle builder online. Most of their armored limousines are designed for safely transporting the high-profile business authorities, politicians, celebrities or other important people with comfort and convenience. Custom stretch and custom armored limousines are made to shield the passengers from the threat of fire arms or a bomb explosion. Since armoring is practically possible for every vehicle on the road today, you should not miss out ordering a brilliantly armored limousine with names like armored Mercedes Benz Limos with Big Limos – the leading custom limo and coach builder dealing in worldwide sales and delivery of armored vehicles of any brand and any model!

Armored Bulletproof Limousines

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