Custom Stretch Cadillac Escalade – Perfect Fit for High Class Executives

Luxury seekers have always preferred the Cadillac Escalade, but the custom executive Escalades come with superior features and luxury amenities to serve the high class CEOs and executives around the world. Luxury vehicle makers are capable to fully renovate the Cadillac Escalade ESV’s interior to convert it into an ultra comfortable and versatile Cadillac CEO mobile office with an interior looking like that of a personal yacht or jet rather than simply an SUV.
Cadillac ceo
Built on a standard Cadillac Escalade ESV frame, custom executive Escalades can have a stretched body line, finely illuminated cabins, leather fitted walls and wood paneled cabinetry. With custom designed material to your liking, from marble to wood, or to plush carpet on the floor, the reclining VIP chairs and automatic leg-rest extensions, the interior of these vehicles give executive passengers a royal feel. The use of airline grade LED lights and touch screen controlled bulkhead divider in the Cadillac CEO mobile office vehicles are not just made to create a relaxing ambiance for executive riders but also give them complete and utter comfort. Their interior, on the other hand, is made to entertain at the touch of a button, gleaming with large LED TVs, digital entertainment systems, high-speed internet, security camera and many more exclusive features that are finely integrated to let passengers enjoy their ride while maintaining privacy from the outer world. In fact, luxury vehicle makers adapt to expert craftsmanship, unequaled quality and ambience so that custom Cadillac Escalade limos can match their executive needs all of the time.

Technology is a key element of the Executive Escalades that are customized productively to help executives and the elite groups stay connected to the corporate world even while on the road. The interior reflects nothing but optimal luxury including many to all options, such as an iPad, optional video conference, live TV/game and more that would add to the excitement and enjoyment of executives at each and every moment of their ride. Safety and security will no longer be an obstacle as Cadillac CEO vehicles can also have armored panels and integral electrical security protection.

When compared to standard SUVs, custom executive Escalades are super-luxury vehicles built precisely to serve the demands of executive passengers. They make an excellent choice in the executive vehicle world radiating the best combination of luxury, style and perfection and delivering an exceptional ride all of  the time.

Big Limos can help custom build a Cadillac Escalade ESV with assured comfort and luxury for your daily executive ride. It has skilled craftsmen to deliver the most flexible, productive and affordable vehicle matching your executive needs at anywhere in this world. To make the most of your executive ride and enjoy the best value in style, comfort and safety, contact Big Limos at 714–330–6705 and enquire about its custom Cadillac Escalade service now!

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