Custom Stretch Rolls Royce and Bentley Limousine For A True Sense of Luxury & Relaxation

Riding luxury stretch limos with custom fitted features is a growing trend seen world-wide. A large number of wealthy and high-profile individuals prefer to ride luxury limousines including Rolls Royce limousine, Bentley Limousine, Cadillac limousine, Lincoln, Chrysler, Mercedes Sprinter limo etc. But only a few of them are lucky to have perfectly stretched custom limos to suit all of their wants and needs including any budget. All those who often dream of riding a long wheelbase limousine with ultimate relaxation and luxury can surely fulfil their desire with custom stretch Bentley Limousine or Rolls Royce limousine solutions on offer in the market. These solutions are independently designed and delivered to protect the limo’s sharp body lines and pure aestheticism. They are concerned about keeping up with the highest standard of luxury in Bentley limousines or Rolls Royce Phantom with an extended wheelbase.

Royale Limousine

The chassis of a Rolls Royce limousine are taken-in and beautifully stretched by the custom vehicle manufacturer or by an experienced motor coachbuilder. It gives rise to a custom stretched limousine including all kinds of modern amenities including DVD/CD player, flat screen TVs,  iPhone and iPad/iPod supported USB cord, high quality sound music system, laser show and more. Be it is a choice of custom stretch Bentley or Rolls Royce limousine, the vehicle is likely to give a group of passengers the most reliable, safe, exotic and smoothest transportation experience. After all, such a limo is designed with an ultimate focus on all of its exclusive features that would ensure superior luxury and unequalled performance. With custom stretched solutions involving Rolls Royce or Bentley limousines, drivers, as well as passengers can experience the best possible luxury and comfort during their ride.

Bentley limousine

From maintaining sharp exterior lines and using fine quality custom made high-quality wheels and tires to fitting the hand-made veneers matching the interior design, everything is ensured in custom stretched luxury. In fact, the coach builder’s expert craftsmanship is reflected throughout the body of custom built Rolls  Royce or Bentley limousines. A quick glimpse of the stretched limo’s interior, gives a gorgeous feel with perfectly fit leather seats and furnishings that are highly comfortable.

Bentley limo

Big-Limos understands that almost all luxury limo riders value the exceptional treat of luxury and relaxation during their journey. It offers custom stretch Bentley limousines and Rolls Royce limousine solutions with unequalled luxury that feels like pure bliss on every occasion. The experience of traveling in exotic cars Such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and others are far different than getting driven in a standard vehicle. These luxury limousines are stretched with flexible options bringing greater relaxation than average vehicles. To experience an extra special and memorable trips in an exotic and fine

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Custom Shuttle Vans for Sale – Know Their Common Usages and Applications

Shuttle vans are vehicles provided with aircraft like luxury and travelling on a regular basis between two destinations, carrying goods or people. There are even some to take you around the city or on long as well as short road tours.Based on the length of the shuttle van, it can be smaller or bigger than an SUV and a truck and larger than a sedan. The number of seats in these shuttle vans for sale varies from 6 seats to 32, appealing to local running routes or group transportation. The smaller shuttle vans or minivans are generally used for transferring a small party such as a single family. However the larger shuttle vans with more seats and storage capacity are considered best for commercial purposes like transporting employees and students. There are also shuttle vans with front seats only which can be used for carrying products and equipments. Similarly, custom upfitted shuttle vans for sale can serve as mobile studios for television or radio stations. The courier and postal service providers are also seen using these vans to deliver packages and/or freight.

Sprinter shuttle van

Shuttle vans are no doubt a luxurious way to transfer a small number of people to business meetings, seminars, workshops or parties. They can be extremely useful, especially when the passengers have to go to multiple events scheduled around the city. With chauffeured drivers, these vans can drive smooth and fast while getting you and your friends or colleagues wherever they want to go, whenever you need to go with access to top class luxury and comfort. The Royale limousine and luxury vans builders have already designed Mercedes Sprinter shuttle van, Ford shuttle van and more that are elegant and smooth, enjoyable and fuel-efficient for your ride.

The use of latest technology and innovative functional features in shuttle vans for sale can help you avoid slowdown or any other hassle in your journey. When you ride them, you can be sure that they transfer your group or deliver your products door-to-door with greater ease.

Interior of Sprinter Van

Do you know that shuttle vans can have custom features like VIP seating, wireless connectivity, Media player, Live TV, hardwood flooring, wet bar, LED lighting and more? And they can display a level of superiority and comfort which you can’t find in any ordinary shuttle van for sale. With custom shuttle vans, you can always transfer your guests with a feel of luxury and status.

Some of the Royale limousine builders have expert engineering skill of working on a standard van chassis. The would continue with exceptional craft man ship to convert them into elegant pieces bringing absolute luxury and pleasure for the passengers on a short or long shuttle trip. From blue ray player and Wi-Fi connection to adjustable reclining chairs and overhead side cabinets, there are many internal accessories included in their customization process to produce a highly luxurious van in a variety of floor plans.

Royale limousine

Why Choose for a Custom Shuttle Vans?
•    Large seating capacity

•    Absolute luxury and comfort

•    Suitable for longer as well as shorter trips

•    Can be booked by the hour or per day

Common Usage of Custom Shuttle Vans?
•    Airport shuttle

•    Executive Mobile office

•    Party shuttle

•    Cargo shuttle

•    Student shuttle

•    Employee Shuttle

Know the type of shuttle van as well as the purpose for which it will be used but still require some customization for  perfection?  Check out the work samples of Big Limos, which have successfully worked on many custom shuttle vans of customers so far. Just give them a call at 714-330-6705 for a free estimate on custom shuttle vans for sale from Big Limos.

Sprinter Van

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