Mercedes Sprinter Vans – Explore 3 Different Options for Custom Luxury Conversion

The Mercedes Sprinter van sare known for adding to the image of large capacity vans.  They offer great scope for creating an ultimate product in private luxury tour. The large storage capacity of these vans makes way for a versatile interior design, unequaled by any other luxury vehicle. With the option of custom luxury conversions – the sprinter vans can become the high-tech mobile office, weekend RV vans or tailgating transportation.

The large size of the Mercedes Sprinter makes it possible to bringa wide variety of enhancements and upgrades unlike anything else with the same capacity. The options for custom luxury conversion are plenty and with them, you will be able to maximize your experience in the customization of your Mercedes Sprinter van.

The process of custom luxury Sprinter van conversion should always begin with a focus on your budget, purpose and the functional specifications that you want in the Mercedes Sprinter, the most compactcargo and crew van running on the road these days.

luxury Sprinter van conversion

There are specialists toconvert your sprinter vanwith excellent craftsmanship and innovation in order to live up to your expectations for luxury, comfort and performance.

1.    Executive Class Sprinters(Luxury Mobile Office Vans)

If you are a high profile executive feeling like having electric sliding doors in your Mercedes Sprinter that will glide open as you enter the cabin that resembles more like a private jet, then executive class sprinter conversion will be the most appropriate one.

In this kind of luxury sprinter conversion, your vehicle will be made to fit your executive lifestyle. It will have all luxury amenities you may like to see in your mobile office van together with VIP seating, wonderful wood tables, cabinets and a lot of entertaining features to help youride and relaxin unequaled comfort while enjoying optimal productivity!

luxury Sprinter van

2.    Custom Tailgating Sprinter Van (Luxury Vansfor Weekend Tailgaters)

If you enjoy tailgating or go on long distance tours over a week or more, the custom tailgating sprinter van can serve your purpose by bringing the best features of both the varieties – the functional convenience of an RV Sprinter van and luxury of the an executive class conversion van

The tailgating conversion van includes fine trim and finish of executive class vans and the most trendy amenities available in RV van so that you can enjoy the tailgate party to the fullest.

luxury Sprinter van

3.    Leisure Travel Sprinter Van (RV Van)

Be it is your recreational journey or leisure tour, the leisure travel Sprinter van will be built with every exclusive feature you want on the way to travel in high fashion and with great convenience.

This type of luxury conversion is done with the most modern facilities you need for a recreational tour, with lots of entertainment, and exclusive seating options to bring you maximum relaxation while serving your socializing requirements.

Big Limos can work on any of the above luxury Sprinter van conversion options successfully. It is a Mercedes Benz approved custom limo builder having master technicians to respond to your van conversion needs to the best possible standards. Big Limos will not just extend your standard sprinter van but also use the finest accessories and materials for giving it a wonderful finish. Whether you are looking to custom convert your Mercedes Sprinter van for executive ride, wind surfing, RV camping or any other outdoor activity or purpose Big Limos has luxury Sprinter conversion solutions to cover your needs. Just give them a call at 714-330-6705for a free quote on the Sprinter conversion project. Take time to find out the images of its converted sprinter vans on the page

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Custom Cadillac Escalade with Armored Protection – Safety and Luxury at Its Best

In a world of continuous threat and risk from disturbing elements, safety and protection is no longer a concern for high profile people. Those who are wealthy or successful in life  and enjoying great importance as a public figure (a politician, sports person or film star) are really concerned about their security when they have to travel from one location to another now a days. That’s why many custom coach builders are offering  custom armored limousines with redefined luxury and comfort to ensure the best privacy and protection to these people. They are bringing standard and full size luxury SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade with customized interior and armored protection like ballistic glass and steel armor plate for the roof. With perfection and excellence, their craftsmen fabricate custom Cadillac Escalade’s ESV, which happens to be the largest wheelbase version in the family of the Escalade luxury SUVs recognized for its iconic style, advanced technology, absolute comfort and terrific performance. And the result is strongly built, versatile, spacious and armored limousines for safely transporting the influential people to anywhere and at any time. Of course, they use a range of steel armor plate in everything, including doors, panels and segment, side walls and fire wall to add ballistic protection to their lives in an unequaled manner.

Cadillac Escalade

Custom Armored Cadillac Escalade – Optimal Safety and Comfort

The  custom Cadillac limousines can be armored to different levels of ballistic protection such as CEN B7, CEN B6, CEN B4, NIJ-III, NIJ-IIIA and NIJ-IV  in order to meet the individual security needs of clients. Armoring is usually done with semi-rigid armor panels that have a brilliant multi-hit resistance capabilities and will neither pull together nor fall over during a ballistic attack. In fact, they are fabricated with high quality steel armor plated floor and multilayered (10 layers) Kevlar cloth to keep protected from IED’s, blast risks, .50 caliber handguns and fragmentation threats. It is the combined use of bulletproof Run Flat tires and Beadlock systems that makes these luxury SUVs to perform the best in all road conditions and increases the chance of survival of their passengers by letting them to be driven safely even when the attack is severe and the tires become completely airless under its effect.  In addition to this, custom built multi-piece wheels in steel or cast or forged aluminum rims are fitted together to provide additional mining protection to the luxury limousine and its passengers whilst allowing it to run at fast speed with continuous mobility over any possible terrain.

Moreover, custom built bullet resistant glass systems are used in the armored Cadillac Escalade with the assurance of unmatched of visual clarity and greater ballistic protection, making it the ultra-safe, luxury and comfortable car for personal or executive transportation.

Cadillac Escalades

For armoring a custom Cadillac Escalade with optimal style, comfort and ballistic protection, Big-Limos can be an effective choice. It has spent more than 20 years in the armored limousine business. With it you won’t have to compromise your luxury and comfort needs and more importantly ballistic protection needs. To get a quote on custom Cadillac Escalade with armored protection, Big-limos should be immediately contacted at 714-330-6705.

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No Flight Delay or Overcrowded Seats with a Sprinter Van

So you’ve an important business trip ahead, probably with a panel of your co-workers. You are getting ready to purchase your airline tickets, struggling with packing a carry bag so you can ignore hefty baggage charges and probably face delays or cancellations. You will arrive in your city tired and perhaps distracted, you mightn’t have adequate time to shower prior to heading to a meeting and you might probably feel unprepared to represent a presentation because there was no internet or Wi-Fi on the airplane.

Do you want such type of business travel experience? Perhaps nobody wants! You are definitely looking for an easier way, particularly on flights that’re short and not worth the annoyance of the airport. Well, a great option for you is a Sprinter van – a flexible yet stylish vehicle that can take away many of your business travel worries. Here in this blog we will discuss about why you should consider a sprinter van for your all important business trip.

Spinter Van

Adequate Space:
Being cramped inside an airplane is never a fun experience. However, a sprinter van can provide comfortable lodging for about 12 people, along with their baggage. Inside a sprinter van you won’t even need to worry regarding restricted leg spaces, overcrowded seats or being imposed to interact with unfamiliar persons.

Sprinter vans provide abundant space and easy transportation for everybody who boards, eradicating some of the major problems people have with small airplane seats and overcrowded quarters. And when you’ve more space, for both console and utility, it definitely enhances your mood and gets you ready for a more joyful business experience once you have arrived at your destination.

Spinter Van

No Shortage of Amusement:
Particularly on short flights, amusement is hard to find. Unless you wish to disburse for Wi-Fi throughout your flight, your only choice for amusement during a boring flight is a newspaper or a novel. However, this isn’t the case with a well-equipped sprinter van as it will be furnished with a flat-screen TV, DVD player and a music system to keep everybody entertained all through the ride.

Chance to Team Up:
Another worry of most business travelers is the lack of prospect to get ready for a crucial presentation or conference. Scrambling to systematize your thoughts & notes following a tiring flight is not the best means anyway to get ready for a meeting, particularly one that is so crucial to your success.

However, when you have sprinter van under your belt, you will have full control over the vehicle to interact, team up, and get ready with your whole team. You can discuss, make use of the audio-visual gadget to prepare, or use the extra quiet quarter to be alone and plan for your presentation peacefully. Unlike an airplane, inside a sprinter van you have the full freedom to use your Smartphone and stay connected with your important clients all the time. Sometimes people even call this sorts of van as “sprinter mobile office”  ( due to their wide varieties of functionalities.

Spinter Van

So what are you waiting for? Buy or hire a sprinter van for your next business trip and enjoy all the comforts and amenities that aren’t provided by airplanes or rental cars.

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