Custom Shuttle Vans for Sale – Know Their Common Usages and Applications

Shuttle vans are vehicles provided with aircraft like luxury and travelling on a regular basis between two destinations, carrying goods or people. There are even some to take you around the city or on long as well as short road tours.Based on the length of the shuttle van, it can be smaller or bigger than an SUV and a truck and larger than a sedan. The number of seats in these shuttle vans for sale varies from 6 seats to 32, appealing to local running routes or group transportation. The smaller shuttle vans or minivans are generally used for transferring a small party such as a single family. However the larger shuttle vans with more seats and storage capacity are considered best for commercial purposes like transporting employees and students. There are also shuttle vans with front seats only which can be used for carrying products and equipments. Similarly, custom upfitted shuttle vans for sale can serve as mobile studios for television or radio stations. The courier and postal service providers are also seen using these vans to deliver packages and/or freight.

Sprinter shuttle van

Shuttle vans are no doubt a luxurious way to transfer a small number of people to business meetings, seminars, workshops or parties. They can be extremely useful, especially when the passengers have to go to multiple events scheduled around the city. With chauffeured drivers, these vans can drive smooth and fast while getting you and your friends or colleagues wherever they want to go, whenever you need to go with access to top class luxury and comfort. The Royale limousine and luxury vans builders have already designed Mercedes Sprinter shuttle van, Ford shuttle van and more that are elegant and smooth, enjoyable and fuel-efficient for your ride.

The use of latest technology and innovative functional features in shuttle vans for sale can help you avoid slowdown or any other hassle in your journey. When you ride them, you can be sure that they transfer your group or deliver your products door-to-door with greater ease.

Interior of Sprinter Van

Do you know that shuttle vans can have custom features like VIP seating, wireless connectivity, Media player, Live TV, hardwood flooring, wet bar, LED lighting and more? And they can display a level of superiority and comfort which you can’t find in any ordinary shuttle van for sale. With custom shuttle vans, you can always transfer your guests with a feel of luxury and status.

Some of the Royale limousine builders have expert engineering skill of working on a standard van chassis. The would continue with exceptional craft man ship to convert them into elegant pieces bringing absolute luxury and pleasure for the passengers on a short or long shuttle trip. From blue ray player and Wi-Fi connection to adjustable reclining chairs and overhead side cabinets, there are many internal accessories included in their customization process to produce a highly luxurious van in a variety of floor plans.

Royale limousine

Why Choose for a Custom Shuttle Vans?
•    Large seating capacity

•    Absolute luxury and comfort

•    Suitable for longer as well as shorter trips

•    Can be booked by the hour or per day

Common Usage of Custom Shuttle Vans?
•    Airport shuttle

•    Executive Mobile office

•    Party shuttle

•    Cargo shuttle

•    Student shuttle

•    Employee Shuttle

Know the type of shuttle van as well as the purpose for which it will be used but still require some customization for  perfection?  Check out the work samples of Big Limos, which have successfully worked on many custom shuttle vans of customers so far. Just give them a call at 714-330-6705 for a free estimate on custom shuttle vans for sale from Big Limos.

Sprinter Van

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Mercedes Sprinter Vans – Explore 3 Different Options for Custom Luxury Conversion

The Mercedes Sprinter van sare known for adding to the image of large capacity vans.  They offer great scope for creating an ultimate product in private luxury tour. The large storage capacity of these vans makes way for a versatile interior design, unequaled by any other luxury vehicle. With the option of custom luxury conversions – the sprinter vans can become the high-tech mobile office, weekend RV vans or tailgating transportation.

The large size of the Mercedes Sprinter makes it possible to bringa wide variety of enhancements and upgrades unlike anything else with the same capacity. The options for custom luxury conversion are plenty and with them, you will be able to maximize your experience in the customization of your Mercedes Sprinter van.

The process of custom luxury Sprinter van conversion should always begin with a focus on your budget, purpose and the functional specifications that you want in the Mercedes Sprinter, the most compactcargo and crew van running on the road these days.

luxury Sprinter van conversion

There are specialists toconvert your sprinter vanwith excellent craftsmanship and innovation in order to live up to your expectations for luxury, comfort and performance.

1.    Executive Class Sprinters(Luxury Mobile Office Vans)

If you are a high profile executive feeling like having electric sliding doors in your Mercedes Sprinter that will glide open as you enter the cabin that resembles more like a private jet, then executive class sprinter conversion will be the most appropriate one.

In this kind of luxury sprinter conversion, your vehicle will be made to fit your executive lifestyle. It will have all luxury amenities you may like to see in your mobile office van together with VIP seating, wonderful wood tables, cabinets and a lot of entertaining features to help youride and relaxin unequaled comfort while enjoying optimal productivity!

luxury Sprinter van

2.    Custom Tailgating Sprinter Van (Luxury Vansfor Weekend Tailgaters)

If you enjoy tailgating or go on long distance tours over a week or more, the custom tailgating sprinter van can serve your purpose by bringing the best features of both the varieties – the functional convenience of an RV Sprinter van and luxury of the an executive class conversion van

The tailgating conversion van includes fine trim and finish of executive class vans and the most trendy amenities available in RV van so that you can enjoy the tailgate party to the fullest.

luxury Sprinter van

3.    Leisure Travel Sprinter Van (RV Van)

Be it is your recreational journey or leisure tour, the leisure travel Sprinter van will be built with every exclusive feature you want on the way to travel in high fashion and with great convenience.

This type of luxury conversion is done with the most modern facilities you need for a recreational tour, with lots of entertainment, and exclusive seating options to bring you maximum relaxation while serving your socializing requirements.

Big Limos can work on any of the above luxury Sprinter van conversion options successfully. It is a Mercedes Benz approved custom limo builder having master technicians to respond to your van conversion needs to the best possible standards. Big Limos will not just extend your standard sprinter van but also use the finest accessories and materials for giving it a wonderful finish. Whether you are looking to custom convert your Mercedes Sprinter van for executive ride, wind surfing, RV camping or any other outdoor activity or purpose Big Limos has luxury Sprinter conversion solutions to cover your needs. Just give them a call at 714-330-6705for a free quote on the Sprinter conversion project. Take time to find out the images of its converted sprinter vans on the page

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What Makes Cadillac Escalade A Great Utility Vehicle?

Ifit’s your plan to take your family members on an outdoor adventure or transport a group of parties around town, you need a spacious vehicle to accommodate the group and transfer them in style and with luxury and comfort. Large and luxury SUVs like Cadillac Escalade may have been criticized by some in the recent past for their gas guzzling nature and even negatively rated for being unnecessarily huge and bulky, but still they continue to serve as great utility vehicles on the road. Plus if you can seat more people than they actually keep less cars on the road.

The Cadillac Escalade is a giant, boldly designed, head-turning opulent SUV reflecting more innovative technology, more contemporary styling, more functionality and more luxury. It is undoubtedly one of the popular options available in the SUV segment with many impressive features that would wow your spirits!  While running safely on all roads, the Escalade delivers superior performance whenever you need it. Built with exceptional craftsmanship not even seen in any other luxury SUV, the distinguished lines and functionalities of the vehicle make it very clear—it is primarily an Executive Cadillac suitable for all those who like to travel and work with the best amenities possible in their SUV.

Cadillac Escalade

In terms of exterior looks, the Cadillac Escalades make an aesthetic statement that won’t be behind the crowd in any way. These luxury SUVs have been the go-to option for everyone looking to make an awesome impression;  starting from the top level corporate players to hip-hop singers. Their sleek exterior sustains a characteristic appearance while modernizing many of their earlier body lines. Features like the ultra-bright modern LED head lamps and the iconic grille are already highlighting their bolder look by giving them a stronger and more innovative finish than before.

When it comes to the highligts and quality of furnishings you can expect them to be from a reliable luxury car manufacturer in the USA. Premium grade leather wraps the seats, center console and steering wheel of Cadillac Escalade vehicles, which make their interior super comfortable and attractive. Besides wood veneer cabinets, a 6.2-liter V8 engine is used in the Cadillac Escalade enabling it to put out a stout 420 horses together with 460 lb-ft of maximum torque. Again, there is an 8-speed automatic transmission to maximize the flexibility of its speed. The rich finish given to the vehicle interior with many entertaining amenities like Ceiling mounted TV, DVD, media viewing, wireless connectivity and more allow it to deliver an experience of ultimate luxury, convenience, and comfort to passengers.

Custom suv limo

If you need a great utility vehicle of all time, think of shopping for Cadillac Escalade by Big Limos. Its fleet of executive Escalades is built superbly, with huge space and flexible speed and custom options to serve as wonderful SUVs suiting your executive job and bringing relaxation on the road. Just call 714-330-6705 or mail it at to build a custom stretch Cadillac Escalade with Big Limos now.

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Hybrid & Diesel Limousines – Great Selection of Vehicles for Executive Ride

For high class business executives, travel and transportation are an essential part of life. Saving the precious time and enjoying luxury and comfort are necessary for them, too. This is why many custom limo builders now offer executives the choice of luxury limo transfer with all the entertaining amenities they need at an unbeatable price. Some of them offer a great selection of executive vehicles in hybrid and diesel limousines so that professionals can pick what suits  their business requirements and the environment while they are on the road.

With a busy work schedule that often requires business executives to travel a lot in and outside of the city, their ultimate preference seems to be those executive vehicles providing safe and luxury transportation. To ensure all of them highly dependable and comfortable transportation with all the custom features and luxuries they like and need, some of the custom limousine builders are now offering both hybrid and diesel limousines for sale. Though executive transportation options comprise of the airport taxi, shuttle, or limo rental service, but none of them can provide the passengers the finest class luxury of riding in a custom built hybrid or diesel limo.


Most of these custom limo manufactures know the significance of providing executive vehicles for luxury transportation that are fuel efficient while also working on hybrid technology for the betterment of the environment. With them, executives can always look ahead to enjoy a smooth and safe ride in the top of the line executive vehicles made of quality parts and crafted supplies by Big Limos.

Many business executives are now interested in “Go Green” technology,whether it is due to their concern for the environment or preference for saving on fuel money. The executive class hybrid and diesel limousines from custom builders can serve their purpose well while allowing them much of riding pleasure with the incorporation of custom luxury options.


The environment is being affected regularly by the transporting vehicles in the industry, the custom limo builders have taken measures to initiate a new green era in executive transportation. They have introduced a fleet of Eco-friendly hybrid sedan limousines like Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Limo, Prius Limo, plus Big Limos is wiring on the World’s First Tesla Limousine, and more with very low rate of carbon emissions so that executives can still have the most luxurious transportation on the road without causing environment pollution! Or they can even pick diesel limousines for sale to enjoy an improved fuel economy with luxury interior, unequaled comfort and convenience that won’t be available in a taxi or an uber.

Executives can consider the fleet of hybrid and diesel limousines offered by custom coach builders to meet their transportation requirements. These executive vehicles are exceptionally engineered with enough leg and head room and more driving capacity when compared to standard SUVs and sedans from their original manufacturers.


Check out the collection of hybrid and diesel limousines by Big Limos to be assured of the advantage of fuel economy in your executive ride along with excellent comfort and safety accessible in any luxury executive vehicle. You can call and start to build one of its luxury hybrid or diesel limousines for your business use any time.

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Why Chrysler 300 Limousines are Everyone’s Choice?

The Chrysler 300 limo is a full-size, magnificently outfitted and the best performing sedan manufactured by Chrysler. Since it first edition launched in the United Kingdom in the year 2005, this luxury limousine has become a great favorite with limo operators and hirers as well. With a bold appearance like Bentley Chrysler 300 Limousines look far more aesthetic than the standard or stretched Lincoln Town car limousines.  The growing practice of Chrysler 300 stretch limos has enabled the limousine industry to serve its customers at a new level.

The Chrysler 300 Limo’s solid, sleek and bold lines are ideal for wedding and prom limo hire, and being a spacious limousine with 8-12 passengers carrying capacity, this exotic vehicle can be used for a bachelor or bachelorette party, and a wedding. When paired with a Bentley Mulsanne or BMW’s executive saloon model, you can have the perfectly matching Bride and groom vehicles.

Corvette stretch limos

The awe inspiring presence of this luxurious  limousine adds value to the Prom season and is therefore a must for every prom attendee looking to ride in that special custom stretch limo. While giving 6 different choices in colors such as Bright Black, Brilliant Silver, Inferno red and Cool Vanilla, the Chrysler 300 limousines are always the best limo to rent for that impressive entrance, prom goers look forward to.

This limo also suits airport transfers, executive transport and can be great for nightclub and wine tours. That’s why the Chrysler 300 limousines are what everyone wants to travel in. Their presence can turn heads, draw attention and so exceeds the Lincoln Town cars for sales and earns more revenue in every area they are offered for rental. These limos are an ultimate winner and a necessity for every professional limousine operator.

stretch limos

Be sure that Chrysler 300 limo is also manufactured in a right hand and left drive version for the European and UK market. This advantage makes the limousine the easiest sedans ever produced by Chrysler to own and rent, getting its parts is rather easy and definitely less expensive than ordering them from the USA and then waiting for their delivery.

Many innovative and versatile features are now incorporated into the base model of Chrysler 300 Limos by many stretch limo builders in the world. Big Limos has worked on many such projects and delivered stunning Chrysler 300 Stretched Limos catering to the specific needs of customers. The Chrysler 300 Limousine is by far one of the most well-liked, popular vehicles built among our valued clients. To learn more about its Chrysler 300 Stretched Limos Big Limos’ custom limo sales gallery can be checked out online.

stretch limos

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How Armored Bulletproof Limousines are Different from Other Exotic Vehicles?

The armored bulletproof limousines are ultra-safe executive cars available in limitless colors, however, generally the most popular colors for armored vehicles are simple, like white or black, maybe silver or grey. They are exotic vehicles built with bulletproof glass and armored doors for security reasons. Some of the newest models, including armored Mercedes Benz limos have exclusive full-body protection and underbody armoring features making them superbly enjoyable. In armored bulletproof limousines, the passenger compartment is built in lightweight armors which are resistant to all submachine gun and handgun attacks. These armors can be opaque or transparent, but are used for making passengers feel super safe while traveling in the vehicles. The opaque armor consisting of high performing Spectra Shield materials and other specialized ballistic materials is used in wall linings and flat applications to stop the bullets from penetrating into the vehicle and injuring the passenger.  However, the transparent armor consists of thick layered ballistic glass which is coated with a hard inner spall shield of flexible polycarbonate to make the windows of the vehicle bulletproof. This kind of armored configuration in luxury limousines works best for military, political, and VIP use.

Armored Bulletproof Limousines

There are not many expert companies who build armored bulletproof limousines with optimal safety and luxury features. With the help of our master craftsmen and engineers, they are able to execute an armored solution that would fit and meet the clients demand for a high-class vehicle for safe and comfortable transportation to their ultimate goals. Based on what kind of occasion and how many numbers of people will be served by the armored bulletproof limousine, the service can be contracted with builders for a custom armored vehicle builder online. Most of their armored limousines are designed for safely transporting the high-profile business authorities, politicians, celebrities or other important people with comfort and convenience. Custom stretch and custom armored limousines are made to shield the passengers from the threat of fire arms or a bomb explosion. Since armoring is practically possible for every vehicle on the road today, you should not miss out ordering a brilliantly armored limousine with names like armored Mercedes Benz Limos with Big Limos – the leading custom limo and coach builder dealing in worldwide sales and delivery of armored vehicles of any brand and any model!

Armored Bulletproof Limousines

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Custom Limo Party Buses for Sale – Why They Are So Special?

You might be asking yourself why custom limo party buses for sale are so desired and popular among party animals. How different are these buses from the public transportation buses for instance? Many of you think public transportation to be an economic mode of transportation from one destination to another. While traveling in a public transportation system, you are most likely to be treated like an ordinary passenger. In fact, you will be accommodated in vacant seats and not even given access to any special amenities while traveling within the bus. The custom limo party buses in contrast are complete package for entertainment which often comes with custom luxury features. You can reserve a limo bus, otherwise known as the limousine for traveling together with your guests or friends in style and safety as a group. It will not only allow you to enjoy a party as your group travels but also bring you limo quality and luxury amenities that would indeed give you the best fun. Hence, there is no better luxury option than the custom limo party buses on sale to let your customers travel and party together with their friends or loved ones.

Custom limo party buses

Unlike the public transportation buses which have fixed regular schedule, limo party buses give you flexible options for traveling. Their schedule can be customized as per the travel requirements of the passengers. They allow guests to have brief stopovers at all desired locations. The interior of limousines includes numerous options, making them the most comfortable and opulent place for your traveling passengers. They are the perfect blend of elegance, functionality and luxury. With a radiant exterior and fine stretch line, limo party buses seem to be exceptional and exciting.

The riders of limo party buses are usually served by a trained and knowledgeable chauffer while exploring the city or spending a night out. You can buy the limo party buses on sale and rent them to party lovers for any possible time period that they wish starting from few hours or days to weeks and more.

Custom limo party buses

The strongly built structure, great ambience and the wonderful interior of the limo party buses are something to feel crazy about. Some of the exclusive features of these buses include Flat TVs, aviation grade leather seats, disco LED lights, dance floor and other VIP treats like mini bar. As a result, your passengers will enjoy the best party moments possible.

In spite of the luxurious amenities, the limo party buses and shuttle vans for sale are very reasonable. They have stylish and expansive seating options in order to accommodate more number of travelers without feeling of congestion. For special occasions such as birthday, wedding or prom parties, a group of passengers can board the limo party bus or shuttle van on sale and experience a comfortable ride. All the individuals in the group can ride together in the luxury of limo bus or van shuttle and divide their transportation costs thereby making their ride awesome and affordable.

Custom limo party bus

With the option of limo party bus service, it is possible to continue with the party inside the bus without letting the people outside know about it. The limo party buses on sale look more attractive than normal buses and include the tinted windows to provide great private moments to the passengers celebrating inside. A party may be going inside but neither the noise will go outside nor the celebration spirit will get spoiled. There are many professional custom coach building companies in world offering custom limo party buses on sale. Make sure that you order one from a reliable limo bus provider for giving the best riding experience to your passengers. The craftsmanship and rates will differ from one company to the other.

For comfortable bus ride of your passengers with limo like luxury and flexible seating options, choose from limo party buses on sale at Big Limos. It specializes in building custom limousine buses with a plush interior for comfortable transportation of church representatives, business executives and party goers.

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Luxury Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van – Ultimate Experience in Executive Ride

Whether they are from the entertainment, music, high-end industries, corporate business, royal or political sector, people give utmost importance to superb riding experience, unequaled luxury and comfort as well as modern ammenities. No matter how advanced their automobile models look, they always want to include some of the finest amenities possible for enjoying the luxury of a lifetime. All of them lead a busy and prooductive lifestylethat puts demands on their transportation time and facilities. The professional custom Mercedes manufacturers can provide them with the solution they need to make the best use of their transportation time, while keeping up with a modest low-key profile in their travel.

Mercedes Car

There are a few preferred and approved members of the Mercedes-Benz CAP (Customer Assurance Program) who can always help owners build and convert Mercedes Sprinter vans into one of the most refined forms of transpositions, following the safety and quality standards acknowledged by its original brand – Mercedes-Benz. This means the executives can rely on these custom Mercedes manufacturers for their future dream vehicles. After all, they specialize in making products that will add to their owner’s ability to be effective and dynamic in a mobile office atmosphere, while riding in style unmatched by any limo or van. Their riding experience in super comfortable interior furnished with  aircraft-grade leathers, custom tables and cabinetry, aviation style LED lighting fixtures, electric blinds and Ultra leather headliners and walls, bulkhead divider and hand woven wool carpets in custom patterns for covering the floors will surely add value to their business on the move or to their personal life while enjoying with friends , conducting business, or just relaxing or resting throughout the travel.

Car Interior

With elegant exterior improvement ideas starting from the application of monochromatic paint to suit door handles, front grille, and wheels and trimming details, the Mercedes Sprinter manufacturers focus to build something that would complement every Mercedes-Benz owner’s style and business. They look to custom design and transform Europe’s ever reliable power machine into an automobile offering excellent productivity, value, comfort and the best level of luxury and safety to passengers. All this can be dones with a discreet exterior finish that would provide optimal satisfaction to all the executives traveling in these vehicles.

Car Interior

For a luxury conversion of your Mercedes Sprinter Van and an ultimate executive ride with such options as more headroom, leg room and wider seats, consider Big Limos. It has expert artisans to build and finish Mercedes sprinters to the highest standards of luxury, safety, privacy and protection. If you want to have transportation solutions that meet your executive demands, cater to your personal preference in style, sophistication and specification, call for custom Mercedes Sprinter Van service of Big Limos at 714-330-6705.They are capable to exceed your aspirations in every sprinter van they build.

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Custom Party Buses for Sale – Flexible Seats and Optimal Safety

Party buses (also referred to as a limousine buses, limo buses, party van, limo coach party buses, or luxury coaches) include all the luxury and amenities of a limousine and can be used for  transporting a group of people for leisure or fun purposes for occasions like weddings, prom nights, nightclub excursions and bachelorette parties etc These are custom built by Big Limos to ultimately get converted from minibus or van frame, with many luxury options such as flat screen TVs, Surround Sound System, Stripper Pole (optional and can be portable to take in and out depending on party), and laser/Disco lighting using the most up-to-date technology. These custom party buses can appear to be regular vans on the outside without being flashy, but their interior gives the vehicle a real “WOW” factor! This allows the passengers to have a luxurious ride on any special occasion. Built on a medium (F-650 )or heavy duty (F-550 or F-450)chassis or a Mercedes Sprinter Van, according to the your tastes or specific number of passengers to be carried in, the custom party buses are sure to run with a great craftsmanship and style. All of them are manufactured with superior safety features, combined with beautiful top-of-the line design and versatile function, built for your specific goals and needs.

Party Buses Coach-Builder
Style, Luxury and Seating – Custom Setting
Whether it is a wedding, prom night, bachelor party, casino trip, night out, city tour or birthday, custom party buses be used for almost very occasion. From special events and wine tours to night out the town, these coaches can be used everywhere for your transportation needs. We are here to customize your party bus/van to your specified needs, whether it’s to make your business flourish or for personal use with a large family!  Let us be your limo manufacturer or coach-builder. Let us be your Coach-Builder.

Custom Party  Buses for Sale –Comfortable Seating and Spacious Interiors
Your bus or van can include the option of professional or limo seating along with a more entertaining environment and a small or large bar to let the passengers roll on wheels and celebrate a party as well. These vehicles can look like a stretch limo with sharp details and tinted glass on windows and are therefore very popular among limousine operators. This bus could be taylor-made with high ceiling and a spacious aisle in order to give people the joy of a ride to the wedding, prom, party, casino or nightclub. With the more traditional option of front facing seats or special option of side facing seats.  The goal is to build a goal to provide transportation for many people from one place to another place in great comfort.  Whichever seating arrangement you decide, these buses never fall short on luxury, and give a wide variety of entertainment options which can be configured and customized. In fact, these limo buses can be painted in any shade under the rainbow and finished with a percentile, metallic or high gloss touch. If it’s for business or business promotion, even adding a custom-made wrap is an option.  The sky is the limit! Let us be your Coach-Builder.  We are the best Coach-Builders world-wide!

Party Buses interior

For customizing and converting the limo buses into the ultimate party transportation vehicles, consider Big Limos ( – an approved and preferred Party Buses Coach-Builder. It has the best of the best innovators to handle party buses conversion exactly as you’d like to see it.

For maintaining a more luxurious and entertaining atmosphere during private or business transportation of a group of people ranging from 16 to 40, order custom party buses for sale with Big Limos.

Reasons for Travelling in Luxury Transport Coaches

Many people look to travel in style and safety, sometimes with their friends or family and at other times with their colleagues or business associates in this world. They value the time spent with family members or corporate executives and want it to make memorable as well as luxurious. In private or professional occasions which involve transportation of a large group of people ranging from 16 to 40, they may have to overspend. The right option for them is to use luxury transport coaches which offer the finest quality amenities and interior like limousines for group travel.

Luxury Coach

There are several other reasons why people just like to travel in a luxury transport coach. The second reason is flexible seating options based on the occasion which is likely to suit each and every member present in the group. From professional to party style seating options, people can have access to everything that would ensure the best comfort for their group and entertain them with all the extra amenities like mini bar, tinted windows, DVDs, TV and more that are present inside the coach for everyone.

The third reason is a substantial reduction in the travel cost per passenger when a luxury coach is used for transportation. Whether they are travelling with friends or family or colleagues, a transport coach is worth chosen as it can ensure them the best luxury possible with many contemporary features including air conditioning, video conferencing, internet connectivity and more.

Luxury Coach

It is always an eco-friendly approach to pick up a transport coach as group transportation is made possible with great luxury, but with reduced consumption of fuel, thereby minimizing pollution.

The comforts and luxury that are available for a journey on a transport coach are similar to that of a limousine. Passengers always feel relaxed and get the opportunity to party and enjoy the best while travelling with their colleagues, friends or family in a luxury coach. There are some custom party buses coach builders to  give a high gloss or metallic finish to these coaches with perfectly painted body and inclusion of custom features for smooth transportation of business group, church group or any specific community members. They are ready to bring multiple options which will allow the group to enjoy customized trips with the highest level of luxury and comfort possible in a transport coach.

Luxury Coach

The luxury coach makes a cost-efficient mode of group transportation. It allows people to save on the distance of travel and number of travelers. It brings first class luxury along with completely refreshing and relaxing environment. Choosing a luxury coach for transportation gives people the choice of deciding their own boarding point rather than travelling to bus stations or train stations. It makes their trip more stylish, luxurious and safer than their own cars.

All these reasons make luxury coaches the best option of transportation while travelling with a large group of people.

Big Limos is one of the party buses coach builders offering a wide range of custom party limo buses and luxury coaches ( for  every occasion  starting from business and church trips to wedding parties. You can order either for standard or customized luxury transport coaches from Big Limos for your group transportation anytime!

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